Sumptuous Photos of Nigerian Brides!

Sumptuous Photos of Nigerian Brides!

NOW, THIS IS WEARABLE ART! Lakin Ogunbanwo’s series, “e wá wo mi” (2019) displays sumptuous photos of Nigerian brides. The exhibit is on view at WHATIFTHEWORLD in Cape Town through June 8th.

In the series, myriad tribes are represented—including the Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, and Hausa-Fulani communities—and together they paint a rich portrait of Nigerian heritage. “[I want] to take away from the idea of Africa as a monolith,” Ogunbanwo said. “I find that when the world wants to talk about Africa it’s always Africa as one.” Photographers and artists have long treated the continent as a country, he said, but each country offers a culture distinctly its own.

Velina Glass

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