Resin In Home Fashions Table Lamp by John-Richard

Resin In Home Fashions Table Lamp by John-Richard

Resin knows no boundaries as shown with the John-Richard Resin handcrafted tinted gold frost table lamp with alternating waves of patterned gold leaf and beautifully adorned with a linen-silk blend shade. The translucent quality of resin and color options are a beautiful addition to any home.  My recent find is this table lamp by John-Richard.  I can see it elegantly placed against a bedside table.

About the John-Richard Collection

Founded in 1980 in Greenwood, Mississippi, the John-Richard Collection is known for a strong design staff that travels the world for inspiration. Channeling cultural and historical influences, the company creates distinctive artisan-crafted furniture, lighting, wall art, mirrors, and decorative accessories that make a lasting impression. What's more, an eye for future trends in luxury home furnishing sets the John-Richard Collection apart. They skillfully blend the best of what is new in home fashion with the great designs of the past, resulting in updated designs that fit perfectly with an array of styles.


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