How to use a Color Wheel with Acrylic Pouring

How to use a Color Wheel with Acrylic Pouring

How to use a Color Wheel with Acrylic Pouring

Color wheel for acrylic pouring


The idea of using a color wheel used to make my head spin—remember the old song, Spinning Wheel, by Blood Sweat and Tears? I guess I was intimidated by the concept, as it wasn’t a tool I’d ever used. Remembering how I first felt about them, gave me a reason to research different types and of course costs, and share some simple insights with the pouring community.

When I first ventured into the idea of using a color wheel, I tried a couple of online programs, but they never seemed to work for me; of course, that’s because I was using the program wrong. It was simply a monitor color conundrum along with inexperience, you see I was going by the color on my monitor, not relying on the program to give me the correct color. I quickly decided it was just too confusing and dropped the idea altogether. I felt lost and totally out of my element.

Types of color wheels acrylic pouring

For years I was too afraid to venture out of my comfort zone. I only used those colors I knew were good together from previous experiences, especially when I got in to poured painting. I was that way for a long time until I sat down with someone who had a clue how to use a color wheel. She gave me a used one she had and actually worked with me to learn how to use all the wonderful information.  

Here are a few tips and insights

No need to spend a lot of money! I purchased this color wheel online for $5.59.  I also found this same one on Amazon from different sellers ranging from $5 to $23, so be careful which seller you choose. I must say I really like this particular type: heavy plastic, small enough you can easily manipulate the wheel, but large enough the colors, diagrams, and writing are easy to see.

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